I’ve been in Sppatioain for a little over two months, which should have been less than half the length of my stay. Unfortunately circumstances are such that I have to return to the US early. Still it has been lovely so far, and I hope to come back next year.

Aside from the good weather, the constant activity in the city center, and the great food at reasonable prices, the city has also provided a pretty constant stream of free outdoor events of one type or another, and even an anime con at local convention center.

Of course it hasn’t hurt that my brother’s house is very nice, he and his wife have spent the last decade fixing it up and the result is wonderful. The whole place is lovingly crafted, but the rooftop terrace is the icing on the cake.Málaga sunset

In a couple of weeks I’ll be heading off, first to Leicester for two months, and then back to San Francisco for a indefinite amount of time, hopefully less than six months. I’ll miss the place, but my stomach is already dreaming of good old fashioned Norther California style burritos.