FogCon, etc

March has been busy, not the least because it is my birthday month.

In addition to getting older, I attended the FogCon convention in Walnut Creek. I only went on Friday and Saturday, and didn’t stay overnight. But I did get a chance to see old friends and meet new people, and be part of a panel on Lesser Known Writers were I recommended Margaret St. Clair, Richard McKenna, and Katherine Maclean, with an honorable mention to Judith Merril for her Best S-F anthologies. The rest of the panelists mostly focused on new writers, so I ended up with a nice list of my own to take away.

Besides FogCon March also brought other people’s birthday celebrations, including the always spectacular Kingfish bash at the DNA Lounge. I also managed to get a couple of sessions of my first roleplaying experience ever (as a Wookiee), a visit with friends outside of San Francisco, and a lighting visit from my sister (with brunch and mimosas).

So I’m calling March a win, and it’s not even over yet.


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