October came and went and now it is starting to get really cold in Leicester.

Since I last posted I got to visit Yorkshire, which was just as beautiful as advertised. John and I traveled up there with his parents and spent some time seeing the sights before visiting his grandfather. It was a very pleasant trip and left me wanting to return to explore further at some point.

More recently we went up to spend a weekend with Sheffield fandom. Some I already knew and others I was meeting for the first time, but everyone was very friendly. Our hosts in particular kept the food, drink, and conversation going late into the night. Since conventions are a little sparser on the ground here it was a nice little fannish interlude that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Back in Leicester I got to see the Golden Mile lit up for Diwali when we went up to see the fireworks. I haven’t visited that neighborhood nearly enough and should really see about that before my time in Leicester comes to a close.

Halloween was spent with friends and relatively low key, though it is celebrated more than I expected here with children trick or treating and everything. No pumpkin pie that I’ve seen though, alas.

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