Cold December

Night view from De Montfort Square
Moon over St. Stephens, Leicester

It’s good and cold here now, though not quite literally freezing yet.

John got back and we had a nice day in Peterborough as he recovered from the trip. Then last week we went to Southampton on an exploratory mission of his soon-to-be new hometown.

We didn’t see all of it but got a basic idea of the layout, which seems a bit more spread out than Leicester. We had very good burgers at a place called Chalk Valley and explored the town of Fareham, where John’s friend Michael lives. It was fun and I liked the look of the southern part of the country.

The day we came home was also John’s birthday which meant food at Las Iguanas and drinks at the Orange Tree, both delicious. The main festivities were reserved for the weekend so in effect he got an extended birthday experience and I got him all to myself on the day proper, win-win.

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