John flew out on May 2nd with his parents and brother and then on May 7th we got married at San Francisco City Hall.

It all went exactly as planned, pretty much. In the days before the wedding we got to spend some time hanging out together as well as with his family with whom we kicked around the East Bay for a bit and then attended a Hubba Hubba Revue show with. The next couple of days we caught up with friends in the South Bay. Then on the eve of the ceremony John headed over to Oakland to spend the night with his family. I went back and forth on whether that idea was sweet or a bit silly under the circumstances, but it was perfect really. It meant we could each fuss our way through the morning and preserve the surprise.

John and his friend Andrew arrived at City Hall a little before I did and so I was waiting to go through security when I heard him say my name and looked up to see him looking handsome and happy in his snazzy new suit. It was a wonderful moment and a highlight of the day.

From there things moved speedily along. We met up with his parents and brother, then with Mette and Joe Price, who served as our witnesses. Five minutes before our appointment time we met the judge, who was wonderful. She was warm and friendly, and exactly what I would have wanted if I had known what to ask for. Part of the building was roped off for some photo shoot including the rotunda stairs, making me worried we’d end up in a court room, but in the end it worked out and the ceremony took place exactly where I had hoped. The judge encouraged us to take the opportunity to get more photos in the beautiful building and we did just that.

Finally we headed out to get some classic American diner breakfast at the Tennessee Grill after which John and I took some time to catch our breath before the evening’s festivities. On which more later.

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