After the Wedding

(Catching up on the last few weeks here, gotta make an effort to post in a more timely manner.)

After the ceremony at City Hall we headed as a group to my local  diner (alsoJohn’s favorite purveyor of American-style breakfast) the good ol’ Tennessee Grill. Once done with breakfast John and I took a couple of hours to relax and chill out before heading over to the evening’s festivities over at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero where Leigh Ann was generously hosting a celebration/reception/minicon for us.

At the Hyatt we found Leigh Ann and she gave us our room key to go settle in. I changed into something more retrofuturistic (or at least silver) and John happily had his hair coiffed by Mette.  Done with that and fortified by a glass of champagne each, we headed down to the Eclipse Lounge to party once again in the shadow of the Wicker Death Star.

The event was perfect;  from the convention style badges and enthusiastic ribbon trading by all involved to the amazing cake made by Linda and accompanying space-suited cake toppers crafted by Bryan and Mette. Almost everyone I wanted to see there made it and it was a little surreal to see people from the different parts of my life meeting.

Richard Man generously gifted us with some professional portraits, which came out beautifully. The camera he used was pretty awesome all on its own. John’s parents have met some fans before but I think this was their first time in the thick of it so to speak, they seemed to enjoy themselves all the same. Likewise my roommate Palle’s parents came along and I greatly enjoyed seeing them mingle and meet Mette in particular. My best friend from my teens even made it, having recently moved up to the Bay Area. All in all it was a great group and everyone seemed to have a good time.

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  1. It was a delight to spend time with you on your special day, and I am glad that you had a wonderful time! You and John looked absolutely marvelous!

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