I’ve been in Southampton for about a week and a half now and am slowly getting acquainted with it. It’s less picturesque than Leicester, though it has an old town area with remains of some city walls, Tudor buildings and so on. World War II wiped out large parts of the city and it retains an industrial character that Leicester seems to have mostly left behind. It also feels more spread out, but that may be due partly to our apartment not being as central.

Still, there is a fair bit to explore; I spent two hours wandering in a wide circle from home and back around the city, and didn’t cover nearly all of it. There are pockets of potential interest outside of the major shopping areas and some intriguing looking food options in addition to the excellent list of burger joints that John has accumulated. There’s a nice pho place near the house plus a little Portuguese lunch place that resembles what I would expect the Spanish equivalent to look like, also a surprisingly great kebab place that also does a nice pizza. The city is chock full of polish delis as well, and I found a bakery that makes sourdough bread. So at any rate I won’t starve.

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