May Sunshine

May is here and rather shockingly it’s too warm.

This weekend just past was the anniversary reception/ring exchange and everyone from Spain and California was a bit surprised to find themselves in the middle of a sudden heatwave, especially since I had told them how cold it was literally one day before they all started arriving. Between that and the Leicester football victory they have returned home with the notion that England is a place of blue skies and endless revelry. Ah well.

The event was great and almost everyone we had hoped for made it. Things went more smoothly than we had any reason to expect and a lot of drinking and dancing ensued. It was also nice to be back in Leicester for a whole week and show it off to folks a bit. Everyone got to meet each other and plans where hatched for future adventures. The Case and The Belmont both did us proud, even if the latter did have to deal with a massive and rowdy wedding prior to our event which put a little strain on them and us alike.

Now its just a question of relaxing, recovering, and watching the Facebook photos trickle in.

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