Goodbye Bridgewater Court

This past weekend John and I said goodbye to the old flat and moved into a new place a little further up Shirley. The old place had a lot of good stuff going for it but the landlord decided to move back in so there wasn’t much to do about that, luckily we managed to find a place that is overall nicer despite a couple of odd quirks. Luckily the bathroom is far superior to the old place, which for some incomprehensible reason had a separate toilet room which was too tiny to contain even a sink.

So after a couple of weeks of stressful packing, cleaning, moving, and unpacking, we are now for the most part settled into the new place saver for the usual fussing around finding the right spot for things and getting a few new items like our own television set. The neighborhood is nicer as well, a bit more suburban and quieter but the same distance to work for me and a nicer walk. John is closer to his work, which is nice, and we’re only about five minutes further away from our favorite kebab shop. Pretty much the only disadvantage is we are twice as far from the train station, but even that only comes to a twenty minute walk.

Best part might end up being our new proximity to the Southampton Commons, which I’ve been meaning to explore since I got here.

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