English Christmas

Chistmas in Peterborough was lovely as ever. No snow this year but the traditional mince pies, Xmas stockings, and carols on the green with John’s family. The pantomime this time around was Dick Wittington,  which I had never heard of but seemed well known to everyone else, but as the actual panto story is always basically the same I don’t feel I missed out by not being au courant with the source material.

For NYE we headed up to Leicester and had a chance to visit with folks there before heading out to 33 Cank Street, same as two years ago. This time it was just John and myself without Ruth and Charles, which meant there was no one to stop us from the delicious but not entirely wise decision of having an enourmous barbecue feast at Grillstock before our night out. It took us a bit to ramp back up to speed but the cocktails were delicious and the band high energy so were up and dancing in time for the countdown.

Some memorable moments from the evening include stepping outside shortly after midnight to gets some cool air and seeing a Hare Krishna parade dance past, also being outside when the bar was insufficient to contain the conga line which spilled out and swept us up, and John winning us a free round of cocktails by posting the photo below.

@futuriana going more sinister at @bar33cankstreet…

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