America After the Fall

The Friday after Eastercon we headed up to London to visit with Jo and Meg before having a Saturday out in the city with John’s parents.

The Friday was a relaxing hangout of red wine, delicious burritos, and too many snacks. We talked fandom and art, and I terrified John a bit by enjoying the trampoline far too much. There was a cat named Fart and general merriment until the wee hours when we staggered off to bed. In the morning we woke up relatively early to catch our train and did our best not to wake anyone up, but Jo’s hostess sense tingled and we got to say our whispered goodbyes before heading out.

I was miraculously un-hungover and able to enjoy the bustle of the Borough Market. It was Raw Cheese Day, so we had a lot of samples of raw cheese-all of them delicious. We had scotch eggs and wandered looking at all the delicious choices, it was very difficult not to bring home bags of food but we restrained ourselves and only ended up with a piece of Cabrales cheese.

After the market we walked along the waterfront to the Royal Academy for an exhibition called America After the Fall. The exhibition was of American art from the Great Depression; Ed Hooper, Grant Wood, Georgia O’Keefe, etc. The central piece was American Gothic, but what I took away was an appreciation for Ed Hooper that reproductions hadn’t elicited and some artists I was not previously familiar with, most notably Morris Kantor. It was also interesting to see an early Pollock, before he was doing that Pollock thing.

After the exhibition we went over to Camden to have far, far too much meat at a place called the Blues Kitchen. It was a full day well spent.

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