Alien Covenant: The Prometheusing

Welp, misled by some encouraging buzz on my various feeds John and I went to see Alien Covenant, which was not as bad as Prometheus, but neither was it as pretty.

I went in not realizing it was a direct sequel, which didn’t help, but this one suffers from all the same problems the previous one did except with fewer excuses. The ship appears to have few or no protocols for how to handle emergencies, the crew is reckless and disorganized and apparently utterly unaware of this, people again make one ludicrous decision after another. Which yeah, humans do I guess, but it’s hard to focus on the plot while constantly distracted by the astonishing lack of training, protocol, and even common sense on display. And that’s before we get around to the alien bits, which if anything make even less sense.

Ah well. This week is Wonder Woman, so I got that going for me.

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