End of the convention

Somehow, we had arrived at the last full day of the convention, unbelievably. John ran off to a bunch of panels while I spent some time in the Lounge watching the WOOF collation happen.

I left a cluster of faneds happily buzzing around a table of contributions and joined the John and some other Fan Fund types over in the ballroom for the Fan Fun Auction. I admit I spent most of it in one of the shockingly comfortable bean bags spread around the hall but we did come away with some bits and bobs. From what I understand they ended up raising a couple of grand across the various funds.

Afterwards Alissa joined us to some Hesburgers in the convention hall, which is suspiciously like McDonald’s except I actually enjoyed it. I had to go back into town to get changed and got caught it a massive storm that hit just as I got to the train station. It was a bit alarming as some places in the region got their roofs blown of people were being advised not to travel, but those of us huddled at the train station entrance witnessed a truly impressive display of lightning almost directly overhead and it was awesome in the purest meaning of the word.

When it calmed down a little I scurried to the AirBnB and got changed for the evening. Then on the way back to Messukeskus I stopped at a place called Friends & Brgrs to pick up dinner for John and myself.

The big event for the evening was the masquerade but I missed that entirely, though there were a few good costumes about. When I got back to the convention centre the party celebrating Dublin in 2019’s win was in full swing, though. That’s gonna be a good one.

Eventually a bunch of us staggered off back to the karaoke place. We were worried it would be packed being the weekend but it was actually super quiet, so we were able to grab two tables easily. Someone requested We Are the Champions and we went up as a group, which gave me enough courage to sing along, the first time I’ve properly done karaoke!

Sunday, Last Day of Worldcon

We woke too early, had one last lovely salmon breakfast, and packed. Messukeskus is closer to the airport than the flat plus we had to check out so they could get it ready for the next guests. Luckily we could leave out stuff in the lounge so that was no worry.

The usual last wander of the exhibit hall and dealer’s room to spend our groats turned up a Worldcon Nice bid shirt and a Doctor Who mug plus various bits and bobs from one of the Chinese fandom tables, And then it was time to say goodbye. We donated our remaining booze to the dead dog and boarded our train to the airport. All that remained was to send some postcards and buy far too much chocolate to take home.

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