Halifax, etc.

After Worldcon we sleep-walked through the workweek and then John’s parents came to visit for a nice calm weekend at home. We spent Saturday wandering about Hillier Gardens in Romsey, which had something called Art in the Garden on. The sculptures in question were all works for sale and ranged basically cute garden decorations to some really stunning works of art. I particularly liked the Stan Jankiowski wind sculptures at the entrance, there was a carved wooden ship and a silver kinetic rocket sculpture, and dozens of others.

That evening we were too tired from all the walking around to do anything terribly exciting, we had dinner at Lakaz Maman and played games till bedtime.

The following week John went back to Peterborough for the Beer Festival and I mostly played videogames and neglected chores, which was rather nice. On the weekend it was Southampton Price which I had signed up to volunteer for. It’s only their second year and although things behind the scenes were weirdly lackadaisical in some spots, overall it was well put together and lots of fun for the attendees.

Josh visited us the following weekend, which mostly means lot of gaming happened in the living room while I mostly stayed out of it and crafted. I did join in for a very fun, and very silly, card game called Bears vs. Babies.

And then we had another full week of vacation! We went up to Peterborough and then to Halifax to John’s grandfather. Halifax is lovely, went saw the Bronte Parsonage, checked out two excellent pubs, wandered the newly renovated Piece Hall, and visited an amazing interior design/salvage store called Andy Thorton. We also had an excellent Italian dinner at a place called Julio’s.

On the drive back to Peterborough we stopped at Bletchley Park, which has a fantastic museum dedicated to the WWII codebreakers. We spent a couple of hours exploring it in depth and could easily have spent another hour or two, there was an entire section we didn’t get to see at all. Luckily the ticket allows entry for a year so we may go back and see the rest next time we are in the area.

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