March was a good month, bookended by two big events. At the start of my month is my birthday and at the end of the Month was Eastercon.

For my birthday John had gotten us tickets to Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London. We made a day of it, heading up reasonably early and spending a few hours kicking around Camden looking at all the cool shops (and some of the tacky ones too). We had some coffee with ginger, which was surprisingly nice, and then for lunch shared a bagel and an arepa, both lovely.

Having gotten our enjoyment there we had time for one bit of sightseeing before dinner. Now, I’d jotted down a half dozen options in the general area we were heading, some more involved than others, but on the day the one I picked I did mostly because it seemed a bit of a lark that we would be unlikely to make the detour for otherwise but would also be fast. And so we went hunting for the statue of Hodge the cat. I am happy to report it is utterly delightful. As it turns out it is a talking statue, which is to say there is a QR code on the side and when you scan it you get a recording of Nicholas Parsons as the voice of Hodge telling his story. I can definitely say this is the best statue in London.

We had enough time for a leisurely dinner at Cookhouse Joe before the show, also recommended, and got to the theatre nice and early, though not early enough to find anyplace to sit in the waiting lounges. Still, we admired the newly refurbished building and bought some merch, then put in an order for some halftime G&Ts before it was time to take out seats.

The show was really great; I had purposely not listened to the recording for a few weeks beforehand in order to go in as fresh as possible and it seemed to do the trick. We had a great Burr (John liked him more than Odom, Jr.), and outstanding Washington and King George. I really liked our Angelica as well. I felt our Hamilton was less charismatic than Miranda, though probably a better singer overall, and Lafayette/Jefferson I only really liked as the latter. But it was really interesting to make the comparisons.

Eastercon I will save for the next write up!

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