After Follycon Alissa stayed with us for a few days. Southampton being what it is, we soon ventured a bit further afield for sites of interest.

Since John had to go back to work but my new job wasn’t starting yet, I decided this would be a good opportunity to check out Bournemouth. John and I went there once last year but didn’t do a lot of exploring, but I figured worse case scenario we would visit Mary Shelley’s grave and have a pleasant wander.

We did start off there, Shelley is buried (along with her family and Percy’s heart) in the graveyard of St. Peter’s church. The church is worth a visit as well, with some lovely stained glass and the usual sort of interesting art and architectural bits you might like if you re so inclined, which I am. Should you be uncertain you are in the right place, the Mary Shelley Wetherspoon directly next door features Boris Karloff as the monster on its signage.

Having paid our respects our afternoon was free, we looked up a likely looking food joint but found it closed. As luck would have it though, it was right next door to a little goth apparel shop, so we had a poke around in there. Alissa found a skirt and we got a recommendation for Naked Coffee across the street, which had very good sandwiches.

Rested and refreshed we headed over to the Russell-Cotes Gallery and Museum. I knew they had some pre-Raphaelites in the collection but didn’t really have any expectations beyond that. It turned out to be a beautiful building full of amazing art, with great views and a wonderful backstory. The gift shop was very good and staffed by very funny and engaging volunteers. Soon our senses were overwhelmed by the sheer size and variety of the collection and we called it a day, but I seriously need to go back again soon.



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