Worth the Wait

My resolutions all happened in September when I got laid off, so December 31st simply meant a nod and a, “yes-more of that definitely” with fingers crossed.Still, I do have a full slate of conventions and plans that seem more urgent now the calendar reads 2011 and ‘next year’ is suddenly this year (and it is always sudden, somehow).

Gallifrey, Nova Albion, Worldcon are all biggies and fabulous ideas with nebulous strategies are no longer enough now the convention dominoes have started to fall with Anime LA kicking off the season.

This is the year in which I make my first reproduction costumes, and, since a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, I have not one but a whole bushel of them planned;

Gallifrey One

One of my favorite Doctor Who companions seems to be somewhat neglected in the cosplay I’ve seen so far. Rather, one of her two incarnations has. Romana, the Time Lady companion to the Fourth Doctor during the Tom Baker era was played for one season by Mary Tamm and then regenerated into Lalla Ward.

Both versions were costumed by June Hudson, and, admittedly, Ward had some wonderful outfits, but (since I am neither petite nor blonde) I have always identified more with the original.

The advantage to this cosplay is many of her outfits can be put together from regular clothes. The disadvantage is that my favorite of her outfits is probably far beyond my costuming abilities… but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to give it a shot anyway.

And, if that’s not enough, I have also been watching another British television show of the same era called Blake’s 7. Interestingly, June Hudson also did costuming for this series.

The main villainess on the show, Servalan, even wears a cloak seen on Romana I on Doctor Who. In addition to this happy overlap, Servalan is a fantastic character and possibly my spirit animal. She also dresses like an evil drag queen, so I couldn’t resist trying my hand at her (God knows I have the heels for it).

The problem was choosing which one of the myriad elaborate outfits would be both recognizable, within my means (good feathers cost money), and not completely beyond my skills. Over the next four weeks, I get to find out whether or not my reach exceeds my grasp.

So, that’s two characters which, with any luck, I will have four to six outfits for, plus props. Normally, that wouldn’t be intimidating… except I’ve never really done reproductions before.

The Gally crowd is wonderful, and I have no doubt they will forgive any errors or inaccuracies, but I know they will drive me nuts because I’ve been driving myself crazy over them already.

The Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition

This one should be much easier, since most of the outfit is already done and the character is out of a book rather than a visual
medium: Briar Wilkes from Cherie Priest’s ‘Boneshaker’. This one is mostly about the props and accessories (plus it should be reasonably comfortable and allow me to put off cutting my hair between now and the convention). The question is, will anyone recognize it?

I have also promised myself I will finally complete a project I have been poking at on and off for well over a year now: the Un Lun Dun inspired Obaday Fing Designs dress which I started building in my head after submitting a Fashion Folio design from the same source at Costume-Con 27. Assuming that both of those come together, it’s tempting to try to find a good costume to fit the Wild Wild East theme, though that one is trickier and time is short. Which brings us to…


I feel as though I should simply use Reno as a place to show off the costumes I’ve made for the other conventions. After all, most of the people who will see me in them at Gally will not be at Nova Albion, and vice-versa But it also seems a shame not to make something special… hmmm, perhaps something for the Hugos… or something thematic for the party I may or may not be co-hosting with Leigh Ann Hildebrand. Hell, maybe I can go through the Yipe! archives for inspiration, something in a rockabilly theme perhaps?

~España Sheriff

Yipe! Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2011