Obsessiveness can be both a boon and the downfall of any creative person. It is what gets you through the frustration of failure and the boredom of all the tedious repetitive tasks, but it also destroys sleep and social schedules, sometimes pushes you too far into projects that are better started over from scratch, and can lead to somewhat irrational decisions at 3AM. Other side-effects may include trouble sleeping, weight loss (or gain) and irritability

One trick that I have found to deal with this is multitasking; having several different projects that are equally complex and engrossing all with similar deadlines won’t help much with the sleep or scheduling parts, but can save your sanity by allowing you to shift your brain from one type of work to another and let your subconscious work on things from one project while your forebrain is fooled into believing its all about whatever is in front of it.

So it was that after several days in a row of doing little else beyond sewing feathers and sleeping I decided to start in on a very different but still con-related project which I had been turning over in my brain for a few weeks; a loom-beaded version of the Tom Baker scarf. The project been on hold while the Toho 12 seed beads I ordered arrived but I knew it would take at least a day and a half and had therefore consigned it to the ‘if everything else comes together’ pile.

Of course, everything else went to shit instead, and time and sanity where both rapidly running out, but at some point after stabbing myself with the needle for the thousandth time I realized I desperately needed to do something else. Anything else.

Now as you can imagine with so much to do before the convention, simply putting my feet up and relaxing with a books or something was entirely out of the question, the guilt alone would kill me even if I could manage to stay still in the first place. So the necklace seemed like the perfect thing; I went to one of the premier Doctor Who scarf resources on the ‘net, doctorwhoscarf.com, adapted their very helpful Season 16/17 knitting pattern to fit a beading format and started on the scarf-necklace.

And oh my god, three days of obsessive eight hour sessions of beading are just as insane as three days of
obsessive feather sewing. Worse maybe, since every so often I would knock over some beads into the carpet. Tiny, tiny, seed beads.

But, perversely, it worked. I got through it successfully with a result I am reasonably proud of and which I think I will be making more of soon, and more to the point; by the end of it my brain was thoroughly fed up with beads and ready to go back to sewing the fluffy, forgiving, boas. Stupid, stupid brain

~España Sheriff

Yipe! Volume 3, Issue 2, February 2011